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Lake Jons is a finnish trio, formed by a happy accident in 2014. Singer-guitarist Jooel Jons got accompanied by guitarist Jaska Stenroth and drummer Mikko Pennanen wcc

The trio started working together as Lake Jons, creating their beautiful folk sound at a garage somewhere in Helsinki. Since then Lake Jons have played loads of live


shows and charmed people with their music which combines the spirit of dusty garages, rumbling canyons and nordic woods. Gorgeous vocal harmonies and moods referring to Bon Iver, Josh T. Pearson and Beck are in the center of it all.




 24.2. GONG, TURKU

 1.3. Le Bonk, HELSINKI


 Past Shows

 19.1. G Livelab, HELSINKI

24.11. JaJaJa Nordic Affair, BERLIN(DE)

23.11. JaJaJa Nordic Affair, HAMBURG(DE)

12.11. Sonic Vision, LUXEMBOURG

28.10. Sorveiv, KRISTIANSAND(NO)

14.10. Teatteriklubi, JOENSUU

7.10. Lost In Music, TAMPERE


5.10. After Eight, PIETARSAARI

24.9. Korjaamo Vaunusali, HELSINKI

16.9. Ilokivi, JYVÄSKYLÄ

2.9. Bassline Festival, HELSINKI

19.8. Kuudes Linja, HELSINKI

13.8. Flow Festival, HELSINKI

5.8. Kaupungin Äänet, LAHTI

22.7. Suistoklubi, HÄMEENLINNA

16.7. Pori Jazz, PORI

7.7. Elmun Baari, HELSINKI

1.7. Freedom Festival, TAMPERE

23.6. Stadin Juhannus, HELSINKI

11.6. Nousu! -Festival, HELSINKI

16.4. Jyrock, JYVÄSKYLÄ

12.3. Klubi, TURKU

11.3. Doris, TAMPERE

9.3. Private, HELSINKI

5.3. Tavastia, HELSINKI

17.2. Gloria, HELSINKI

12.2. Bar Kuka, TURKU

6.2. Uhana Design, TAMPERE

5.2. Valoa Festival, TAMPERE


3.2. After Eight, PIETARSAARI

22.1. Tavastia, HELSINKI

28.11. Gramofonfest, Pannuhuone, KUOPIO

27.11.Varttibaari, SEINÄJOKI

21.11. Korjaamo, Vaunusali, HELSINKI

5.11. Bar Loose, HELSINKI

21.10. Sofar Sound, HELSINKI

16.10. Lost In Music, Doris, TAMPERE

2.10. O'Connels, TAMPERE

25.9. Bar Kuka, TURKU









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